The sensitive and sensible body

Pleasure and effortlessness in movement are at the base of my movement class.
The physical work is directed at finding pathways in the coordination of the body that allow more freedom and expand the range of possibilities in movement qualities.
One part of the class, based on release technique, aims at tuning the body, our instrument, to gain maximum control and freedom. Through floor work as well as standing work on spirals, subtle weight shifts, sequenciality and rythm we will move from simple towards more complex movement combinations and movement tasks with an articulate and sensuous movement quality. I use phrase work next to improvisational tasks, shifting from one to the other.
The other part the class focuses more on composition and choice making.
I am interested in finding a state of openness and relaxation, yet alertness that allows us to make clear choices at any given moment in time, not out of rational thoughts but tapping into the intuition and creativity.
Musicality is a strong element throughout my class. I take inspiration from my experience of working and performing with live music, as well as a fascination for other dance forms in which the relationship with music is fundamental (i.e. Southern Italian folk and social dancing).